About respect on these forums (sticky)

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About respect on these forums (sticky)

Post by tSz42 » Thu May 04, 2006 10:34 pm

The internet brings out the best in people. With this being a place to gather between competing schools and whatnot, it certainly is no exception for inflated heads.

As things can easily be misinterpreted on forums, people are quick to act on that very fact. Myself being the internet troll that I am, that goes doubly for me!

Now you may ask, "but tSz42 how can we avoid such slander and immaturity?!" Ah ha! That answer is quite simple but may prove otherwise for others.

Internet etiquette by Mozilla:

Be civil.
No personal attacks. If you feel the need to flame someone, please do it in private e-mail. Do not feel compelled to defend your honor in public.

Stay on topic.
These are generally high-traffic groups, so please pay attention to the topic of your messages, and check that it still relates to the charter of the forum to which you are posting.

Trim your follow-ups.
Do not quote the entire content of the message to which you are replying. Include only as much as is necessary for context. Remember that if someone wants to read the original message, they can; it is easily accessible. A good rule of thumb is, don't include more quoted text than new text.

There is always a need for some trimming - either a salutation, a signature, some blank lines or whatever. If you are doing no trimming whatsoever of the quoted text, then you aren't trimming enough.

Identify your subject matter.
Not everyone has time reading all forum postings. To ensure that your message reach the right people at timely manner, identify your subject matter clearly in the subject line.
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